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The St-Elias unfiltered premium olive oil is made from Koroneiki olives. Native to the region of Messinia, the Koroneiki olives are mainly grown for olive oil production. This particular fruit may be small, but the quality of the taste, flavour and the amount of natural antioxidants it yields is extensive. St-Elias Olive Oil should be savored in its raw state with a fresh piece of bread, in a salad or simply add it to your favorite recipes. Kalí sas órexi! (Enjoy!)

Grown, harvested and cold-pressed in Chandrinos, in the region of Messinia, Greece, the olives used by St-Elias Olive Oil are among the best Greece has to offer. The small church at the top of the mountain, named after Prophet Elias, is at the center of this small village that prides itself in the quality of their olive groves. The fruit of our product is grown in nourishing soil, sun-kissed by the Mediterranean sun and harvested by passionate farmers who truly love the land. With roots in this village, St-Elias Olive Oil offers premium olive oil straight from the source, from our family to yours.



st elias olive oil brand st elias olive oil brand


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