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A story of high nutritional value

All stories start with a motive, right? They're already there, waiting to be told, but a trigger comes along and sets them in motion, so they can acquire substance.

So, we knew that the olive oil we had long grown for our personal use had something special that set it apart from other olive oils that existed in the market; just like the Greek Mother Earth from which it was born. Our logo is dedicated to her, paying tribute to the gifts she generously offers us. But as we said, this is not the actual beginning of the story.

Our story begins on the sunny island of Rhodes through the motivation of a personal need. When some serious health issues presented occurred in our circle of relatives, we did not stand idly by, and sought to address these issues in a holistic lifestyle, complementing or even going beyond the usual pharmaceutical approach.

That was already our philosophy. We believe that a holistic view of our everyday routine and our lives is the solution to several problems that affect modern man, and which have both physical and mental manifestations.

We combine the passion of our grandparents and the respect with which they treated the miraculous Rhodian land with our expertise in the scientific fields of environmental science and agronomy. By proceeding to chemical analyses, we have simply confirmed what we already suspected: that the quality of the raw material and the organic way of cultivation that we follow create an extra virgin polyphenolic olive oil that offers multiple and overwhelming health benefits.

We know that mass production is the enemy of quality, which is why, from the very first moment we decided to put our olive oil on the market, we insist on producing small quantities, which we know very well will improve the health of those who consume it.

Holiston has already been awarded by prestigious international organizations, but that's not enough. We go one step further, and we have a clear vision. Our goal is to establish ourselves in the minds of consumers who, through our brand, will choose to look at life differently by adopting a holistic lifestyle. This is, after all, where the source of our name lies. We want to make the lives of our fellow human beings better, starting with their nutrition.

That's what motivates us every day, and that's the Holiston story that travels with every single olive oil portion we pack. Welcome to a world of health and wellness like you've never experienced before.





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