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      Welcome to Mediterrolio

      A long time ago a miraculous tree appeared on this land. An ancient species inspired with wisdom by mother nature sprouted and from its fruits man created a liquid gold that raised innumerable generations of people around the Mediterranean basin.

      Olive tree was born somewhere in the Mediterranean grounds and Olive Oil soon became not only a part of our daily nutrition, but a basic piece of our culture as well.
      Cultivation, extraction and use of Olive Oil became the basic and common element of most of the Mediterranean people and until the present days, remains a strong part of our economies and keeps and affects the relationship between our countries.

      Some time ago a passion was born. A love for this pure product. My personal effort to create my own brand, led me to a brand new world. The world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil was revealed to me in both its simplicity and complexity. Through this journey, I have met beautiful people full of creativity, optimism and passion like mine. Producers, farmers, traders, designers etc.

      The Mediterrolio project reflects this relationship among the creators of this gift of nature around the Mediterranean basin. These are people with the same vision. People who decided to make one step forward and give a different perspective of their product to the public. Mediterrolio will try to gather all of them in one place. This will give an integrated picture of the world of olive oil to anyone who wish to connect, contact, create, discover new markets and partners, or just explore and admire the olive oil masterpieces from all those countries.

      Mediterrolio is not just a catalogue. It’s not just another business meeting spot. This is a place where new ideas may be born. A place where everyone who has created or wish to create a similar quality product, can find the knowledge, exchange ideas and experience, find the tools to grow and finally showcase it to millions of viewers. Through this interaction everyone can benefit and become a part of an international family.

      Dimitris Besios

      Founder of Mediterrolio Olive Oil Brands