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Tasting Tours Offer a New Opportunity inside Mediterrolio

Tasting Tours is a new network inside Mediterrolio platform that offers travelers an exciting and unique way to explore the world. From wine tasting to olive oil food pairing, Tasting Tours provides a variety of experiences that immerse visitors in the culture of each region.

Mediterrolio offers exclusive tours that include visits to local wineries, breweries, and olive oil mills. At each stop, visitors are provided with the chance to sample the products and learn more about the production process. Not only do visitors learn about the region’s history and culture, but they also gain a greater appreciation for the local cuisine and beverages.

Tasting Tours powered by Upiria technology, provides a unique and exciting way to experience the culture and flavors of a region. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a craft beer lover, Mediterrolio’s new network offers a unique way to explore a country.

This is also a new oppurtunity for Gold and Silver members of Mediterrolio to attract even more visitors to their olive oil tourism activities.