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The history, the soul, the tradition, the gastronomy of Messinia are revealed though the Olive oil paths… enjoy a unique experience in our endless olive groves filled with the wisdom, the flavor and the aroma of Peloponnese.

In the center of the village named Androusa, is located our Olive Oil press mill for more than 120 years. Book your visit, taste one of the best olive oils of the area, “a messiniako”, and find out all the stages of the extraction, the storage and standardization process of the extra virgin olive oil, in the past and nowadays.

At the beginning of 20th century (1904) the oil – press functioned only with two stones, which pressed the olives by the assistance of hourses. In 1955 the first mechanic- shatter and the first seperator were established. In 1977 the decantair was established which works in three phases. In 1993 the centrifugal of the 2 phases was established.

In 2003 the new contemporary factory was created. The oil- press is now ecological and produces the extra virgin olive oil by the ”koroneiki” olive variety- the best olives quality of the world.

Our factory spans over 4.000,00 m2 on a privately owned land, located 20kms from Kalamata, in the Southern part of mainland Greece. The total surface area of industrial space is 1500 m2, which includes offices, storage facilities and a production area.


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