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People, probably like most of you, who have consumed olive oil from time to time, most often bought on sale at a supermarket or bought cheaply, during some trip. We had heard that it is extremely useful for whatever, but we preferred the use of the classic sunflower oil. So until a trip in 2020. to the Croatian region of Istria.

Leaving the city of Groznjan (Croatia), while it was pouring rain, we stopped in front of a large country yard with a nice house with a stone fence, attracted by the sign ''Olive oil''. With the idea of ​​buying "affordable" olive oil again, we entered the yard, where a man and a woman greeted us in a friendly manner. We asked if we could buy olive oil and the people politely invited us inside. We found ourselves in a showroom, with several types of boutique olive oil positioned on shelves. A very interesting and detailed presentation followed, by the woman who welcomed us, about the region of Istria, the way in which their olive oil is extracted, as well as about the types of olive oil and their uses. Then we realized that different olive oils have different applications, olive oils with a delicate taste are suitable for salads, others are used for marinades, etc. We bought only one bottle of evoo, it seemed expensive :), made from early harvest olives, which was recommended to us as extremely suitable for light salads.

After we got back to Bulgaria, of course, we made a salad and poured it abundantly with the "new acquisition". We instantly regretted that we didn't get at least one box of this very light, pleasant, fruity and extremely fresh-tasting olive oil. And so began our journey into the world of olive oil...

After a persistent search for information and similar products sold in our country, we were convinced that they simply do not exist... and thus the idea of ​​"Olive Oil Boutique" was born. This is not just another online store, but a place with a lot of information about this "superfood", as well as products from some of the best olive oil producers in the world.

Join our adventure in the world of high quality olive oils and enjoy new flavors and healthy elixirs.


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