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About the Business

oilladi's mission is to offer you delicious, authentic foods like our extra virgin olive oil, from olives cultivated in the traditional manner, hand-picked, cold-extracted and bottled the only way it should be in a dark, glass bottle.  The mission can be stated more simply:  "Oil Responsibly".  We take the quality of the contents of every bottle of oilladi very seriously (that's our responsibility) so you can fully enjoy it.

Our Kalamon Olive Spread is made with real Kalamon (also known as Kalamata) olives, minced (never pureed) with capers, sea salt, vinegar, grape must and herbs.

Also from the Kalamata region, our Balsamic Vinegar with Honey is a perfectly balanced condiment to drizzle over tomatoes, strawberries or cheese or to use in a salad dressing.

Our Thyme Honey and Forest Honey are naturally organic, raw, unheated and unprocessed.  They come from third generation, award-winning beekeepers.

My family (the Tourloukis family) has been cultivating olive groves for generations.  We, along with hundreds of small, family-run farms in Argolida Province in the Peloponnese, Greece, cultivate and harvest the Manaki olive which produces a green, aromatic, buttery extra virgin olive oil

When I decided to bring this olive oil to the US, I took great care to choose the mill where the olive oil is produced and bottled.  The mill partners with small, independent, mainly family-owned farms (like our family's) and all the olives are hand-picked and milled within 24 hours, which is critical in order for the integrity and quality of the olive oil to be preserved.  The oil is extracted by mechanical means using only cold extraction and the mill is an ultra modern facility with a laboratory (for testing) on the premises.

We came to the US in the late 1960s but continued to maintain our olive groves in Greece and, each year, a few months after harvest (which typically occurs from October through December) several tins of fresh extra virgin olive oil would arrive for us in Astoria, New York.  It was the only olive oil our family ever used, except for those few times when the shipment was a little late and my mother was forced to purchase a bottle or two at the local market.  She complained that her food suffered for it and waited (not always patiently) for the good stuff to arrive.

oilladi's mission is to share that "good stuff" with you!


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