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About the Brand

MITERA is Greek for «Mother» and it is a most appropriate name for this new brand of top quality olive oils.

MITERA olive oil is one of the few premium quality extra virgin olive oils in the world obtained from a single variety of olive trees. Some of the cultivars were planted over 2000 years ago. While Plato was lecturing in his Academy these trees were already in the ground.

Today these same trees are cared for in the same tradition of respect for the terroir and genotypes that have preserved them over the centuries. Modern agronomic management and innovative harvesting and milling technologies have, of course, been added in order to produce a top quality extra virgin olive oil with the highest organoleptic and sensorial parameters.

MITERA GmbH is one of the few companies in the world to promote this monovarietal premium quality extra virgin olive oil. Our company is committed to a sustainable agronomic management.

Our mission is to protect our trees and to enhance the genotypes of these millenial trees in their original territories. We are committed to improve the excellent results we have achieved thanks to the engagement of our founder Antonella Meyer-Masciulli and her team of experts.