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The "Il Maniero" farmhouse is a rural reality of about 50 hectares that has remained alive for generations and is characterized by the unchanging passion in our profession and the daily commitment in order to obtain the best products.
This fertile land was purchased by our grandparents at a time when agriculture and livestock began to decline in Italy to make room for industry. Today, our company, in addition to the production of extra virgin olive oil which constitutes its primary activity, it produces wine, processed dried figs, various types of jams, candied fruit, syrups, cheeses and sausages, always respecting traditional methods and scrupulous certified organic cultivation. Anyone who has had the opportunity to taste our genuine products has been conquered and continues faithfully to reconfirm their trust over time.

The secular olive trees of the company derive from the spontaneous birth of ogliastri (wild olive tree) subsequently grafted by our ancestors with the "dolce di Rossano" variety, this olive not very large and with sweet and fragrant pulp which when fully ripe tends to dry out becoming so optimal also for direct consumption with bread or fried with abundant olive oil and red pepper.

The fragrant and sweet oil with golden reflections and a slight aftertaste of fragrant herbs is a delight for our dishes !! The company is located in the area of ​​Santa Sofia d’Epiro, crossed by the provincial road about three kilometers from the city center, on the pre-Silane Ionian hills at 400 m. above sea level and overlooks the Crati Valley facing south-west to the north of the province of Cosenza. The panorama that can be enjoyed from here is very suggestive since it is possible to admire over half of the territory of the province, from the mouth of the crati to the provincial capital.


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