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Farmer means “coltivatore” in Italian. The beautiful word combines all the tasks of a farmer: he not only grows something, he cultivates, cares for the soil, enriches the earth, the country.
And so we see ourselves not only as producers, but also as landscapers and gardeners. We are proud of our cultivated land and enjoy its colors, scents and fruits every day. And we cherish and care for his plants with love and care. We don't exploit it, but give back what we take from it. Not in the form of synthetic fertiliser, but as natural food, compost and manure. Organic not as a label, but as an attitude. 

Our small-fruited Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio olives thrive on trees that we cultivate exclusively according to organic guidelines. After the gentle harvest, we immediately bring the olives to a nearby mill (Frantoio), where they are extracted on the same day with the most modern machines at a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius. This is how our high-quality, natural and fruity extra virgin is made, which is suitable for both cooking and cold dishes.




  • Via Ruicciano, 20, 06044 Castel Ritaldi, Province of Perugia, Italy


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