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Grand Deli Gourmet

About the Business

Grand Deli Gourmet was born thanks to the vision of a young Panamanian entrepreneur who decided to venture into a concept of gourmet, local and international products. This is how the first delicatessen store was created on Calle 50 in 1999, offering innovation and a unique experience.

"Our proposal from the beginning has been to offer the Panamanian market high-quality products with gourmet characteristics."

Under this premise, its founder has managed through these 21 years to create the ideal space to share a moment of gastronomic pleasure in each branch. Each of the 8 stores has a unique and particular atmosphere that is framed by the wide variety of delicatessen and bakery products. The cafeteria area offers a very extensive menu of sandwiches, paninis, wraps, croissants, pizzas, coffee and drinks.

Our philosophy is always to seek excellence in service and in the products we offer.


+507 50 380 2000



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