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GOLDEN TREE was created with the vision of selling agricultural products directly from the producer to the consumer. The human resources of the company come exclusively from the agricultural sector and have many years of experience in the cultivation of the olive tree.

The precious golden liquid of the tree comes directly from the growers, without preservatives, use of toxins or other interventions. It is an extra virgin olive oil that stands out for its golden green colour and its texture, with an acidity of 0.2 to 0.4. The fruits are harvested while they are still on the trees, producing an olive oil ideal for children and adults as part of a healthy diet. Olive oil is recognised by its intense aroma of freshly picked olives and its full fruity taste.

For us all, the olive is precious and blessed and we leave nothing to chance and nothing to waste. Our utilisation of the latest technologies and modern methods of production and packaging is key to the way we operate and reflects our sense of responsibility towards the consumer. With a focus on providing impeccable service and customer satisfaction, we acquired the ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP quality assurance certifications.

Our olive products and by-products are produced responsibly with observance of all the required health and safety procedures, while the distribution of our products is carried out without intermediate suppliers, as much as possible. Our headquarters are located in Kalyves, Halkidiki, which is a place of pure, natural beauty. The results of the agriculture are reflected in the chemical analyses and university certifications.

The activities of our company are not limited to the Greek market, but are also expanding abroad. In this way, we contribute to promoting the Greek diet and its benefits to health and longevity to a global audience. Olive oil, with its valuable composition and rich in vitamins and monounsaturated fatty acids, is an essential component of both the ancient and modern diet.


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