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About the Business

EGRO’ is the first digital interactive and immersive Grocery.

EGRO’ means Experiential Grocery, where you can discover about the origin and the taste of the food, about the story of the producers and the territories.

In store and online integrated experience creates a space where user-friendly technologies help to discover new food and the way it is made, where taste engages the senses and drives real conscious food shopping.

We have a unique selection of Made in Italy products, high quality, rare and unique, fresh, functional, organic, also free from and veg.

Selena and Alessandro, together with our team, have selected each single speciality you can find at EGRO’.

We work closely with the producers, both with very small and medium companies, all committed to build a more sustainable agricultural, natural food, healthier environment and biodiversity future.

We love tradition and innovation at the same time, tradition and perfection are the fruits of continuous innovation.


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