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Casa Delizia

About the Business

Una storia d'amore e di passione, della famiglia e l'anima". We took this as inspiration when we opened an oasis for all lovers of Italy in the otherwise hectic city center of Vienna at the end of 2018.

The aim of the family project was to bring the Italian flair to Vienna in our own way. We took the lifestyle as we already know it from Emilia-Romagna as an example for the design of the Alimentari. We have been gathering knowledge about our specialties, which mainly come from family businesses, over decades. But anyone who knows Italy knows that new delicacies are never far away.

If you are looking for Italian delicacies à la Panettone, Franciacorta or Aceto Balsamico from Modena's oldest production, you will find it here. But even if you fancy a glass of Prosecco and a homemade panino from the grill in between or after work, the best way to enjoy the delicacies is in our cozy guest garden.


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