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Cajsa Warg

About the Business

When we started our first Cajsa Warg store in 1996, we were an odd bird, a weenie against the tide that went against the grain of the big food chains. At a time when they invested in large-scale operations, own brands and centrally packaged meat, we focused on identity, small scale and knowledge of food.

While the meat and cheese shops closed and their knowledge disappeared, we held conversations with suppliers to learn about production, animal husbandry, farming and their different conditions.

It turned out that many customers appreciated our type of store. It went so well that in 2010 we were able to open store number two in Vasastan.

We have borrowed the name Cajsa Warg from the cook Anna Kristina Warg who worked in Stockholm during the 18th century. In 1755, she published a cookbook that set the tone for Swedish cooking for several generations.


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