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About the Business

Yummy Bazaar is a shopping destination for curated gourmet food from around the world delivered at great value and with exceptional customer service.  The company was built with the customer at the center, and therefore our service is based on the following key principles:

To bring true, authentic tastes of the world, Yummy Bazaar selects locally produced food. For example, most of our French food is made in France, Italian in Italy, Japanese in Japan and so on. We think most people would agree that authentic food provides more excitement and tastes different.
There are tens of thousands of different products around the world, and at Yummy Bazaar we take extreme care to select not only the highest quality food, but also the most delicious ones. Food curation and selection is at the heart of what we do, and that is why we believe Yummy Bazaar has the most delicious product assortment in the world.
Exceptional customer service. Delighting our customers is our purpose, and for this we go out of our way to make sure the delivery is on time, items are packed impeccably so that products arrive in great condition. We are always there to answer your calls toll free, comments or concerns.


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