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About the Business

Pelle Arvidsson and Björn Pettersson began their careers as dedicated jam makers. They know how to make jam: with lots of berries and without unnecessary additives, just like it used to taste. In the shops, you will find the aroma-intensive forest raspberry jam, the exclusive sea buckthorn marmalade and a gooseberry jam that will make the older customers sigh happily. Buy a jar of intensely aromatic field berry jam as a gift when you go abroad, it's hard to imagine anything sweeter and more exotic.

The three shops in Hötorgshallen, Söderhallarna and Täby Centrum offer much more than jam and marmalade. The jam nerds also have a taste for the good things in life in the form of chocolate, oils, dressings and candies that justify their name. There is a phenomenal selection from some of the world's best chocolate producers. French Valrhona and Michel Cluizel, Italian Venchi and others. Don't miss the small Tuscan chocolate company Amedei, they constantly win international awards for their chocolate art and also have sober, stylish packaging. The Swedish patriot will find spicy gingerbread cookies from Bakeriet in Eskilstuna and delicious chocolate pralines from, among others, Öland Choklad and Åre Chokladfabrik.


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