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Mediterranean Foods Wholesale

About the Business

Mediterranean Foods Wholesale is the biggest South Island-based importer and distributor of Mediterranean produce.

We offer unmatched knowledge, experience and infrastructure, including:

Supplier relationships in the Mediterranean built up over 17 years
17 years working with an extensive range of supermarkets, retailers, restaurants and cafes, and
17 years developing our own freight and partner networks to service the entire South Island.
Our in-depth understanding of the challenges you face in a small and fiercely competitive market helps us to help you find that fine balance between quality and value.

Choose from our extensive range, from bulk staples like tomatoes and olive oil through to superb niche products, many of which are exclusive to us, that secure your point of difference.

Then sit back and relax in the knowledge that we’re busy picking, packing, and tenderly dispatching your order, and you’ll be hearing from us soon.


03 313 1672


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