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We love the riches of Greece. That's why we want to share them with everyone who is looking for quality, truly authentic products, created locally, with care and responsibility.

Because we carefully select and test each product beforehand, only the best BIO delicacies, natural cosmetics and olive wood utensils end up on Mediteranea Gourmet shelves. We offer connoisseurs, but also delicacy lovers, 3 categories of products supervised by the European Union: products of protected origin (PDO), products with protected geographical indication (PGI) and organic products (BIO).

We are a team in love with the nature of Greece and all the benefits it can offer us, whether it is the BIO extra virgin olive oil drizzled in salads or spread on fresh bread, the creams, serums and masks based on plants that contain various miraculous extracts for the skin or the textured olive wood choppers on which we serve snacks or prepare dinner. We bring the Mediterranean spirit to the kitchens, pantries and cosmetic rituals of those who appreciate authenticity, directly from sunny Greece. Because we like the atmosphere and warmth of these places, we are always on a journey to discover the wonders of Greece.

We invite you to join us.


+40 21 311 3681



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