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Kolonaki Fine Foods

About the Business

Based in Toronto, Canada, Kolonaki Fine Foods & Beverages is a leading importer and distributor of fine foods and beverages from Greece and the Mediterranean.

Over the past decade, we have shared many meals and sampled thousands of items on our journey to find the products with the perfect taste and ingredients. We are passionate about sourcing difficult to find eclectic products with taste profiles influenced by geographical conditions, historical and cultural traditions.

Our portfolio consists of over 100 high-quality products sourced from family-run businesses, many of which are best in class. We collaborate with chefs from Europe and North America to expertly curate everything for your kitchen table.

Within our food and beverage collection we offer a suite of health and wellness products to best help with homeostasis and life in balance.

Our products are available in supermarkets, fine foods stores and boutiques throughout the USA and Canada and globally via our website, delivering directly to your kitchen and dining table.


+1 416 630 7392