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Hirota Food Supermercados

About the Business

Faith, Family, School and Work. These are the pillars that translate well the values ​​of the Japanese couple Katsumi Hirota and Dalia Shumiko. The two left the cramped life of the countryside in the interior of Paraná in the mid-1970s and brought their six children to Ipiranga, in the south of São Paulo, to run a modest shop. Little by little, the business took hold and grew. Today, with eighteen units in Greater São Paulo, Hirota Food Supermercados wins recognition wherever it goes, without ever losing its essence: to offer services thought of people.

For this reason, the chain quickly became part of the routine of São Paulo residents, always offering new food solutions to ensure greater ease, comfort and well-being in their daily lives with a careful selection of oriental products, in addition to the basic food basket. And so, as it has always been, the network remains concerned with understanding the needs of its family and providing it with more comfort, time and plenty of health to enjoy the best of life.



  • Rua Gaspar Fernandes, 452 - Vila Monumento, São Paulo - São Paulo, 01549-000, Brazil