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Gourmet Cooking & Living

About the Business

Brooklyn, NY based Gourmet Cooking & Living is a boutique, online specialty food company on a mission to bring exceptional Italian olive oil and curated pantry-staples to the food obsessed home cook.

We partner directly with farmers of single estate extra virgin olive oils who govern the entire production process – they grow, harvest, bottle their oils, and share with us to distribute to customers in the US. We are unlike larger companies that have multiple middlemen and weak quality control. When you purchase from us, you are receiving oils cold pressed from olives indigenous to the region they were grown in, with flavors informed by their specific geographic terroir. Harvests are accomplished with the perfect balance of tradition and modern techniques, by the very farmers who grew the seedlings into mature trees. Our oils are not just pretty bottles – they meet the highest quality parameters with maximum nutrient density. Many are organic, biodynamic, and award winning.


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