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About the Business

Avolive is a Toronto based company importing the World’s Best Olive Oils with high polyphenols contents from all around Europe and authentic Balsamic Vinegars from their origin Modena/Italy.

Our Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils and IGP Certified Balsamic Vinegars truly amaze every single customer!

With an utmost care and detailed researching, we select genuine Extra Virgin Olive Oils with very high polyphenol contents to Canada. Polyphenols are the chemical components of olive oils which can only be found in “Genuine” extra virgin olive oils. The therapeutic properties of these components are increasingly validated by science.

Based on many proven researches by hospitals and universities around the world, Polyphenols found in Extra Virgin Olive Oils can improve or stop the progress of health conditions such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Alzheimer, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, …


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