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Antonio Delicatessen

About the Business

Antonio ‘s love of Italian food led him on a search for the perfect opportunity to share their passion with others. With Gennaro Delicatessen, they knew that they had found what they had been looking for.
Since January 2004 Antonio has worked hard to develop Gennaro Delicatessen now (Antonio Delicatessen) into a local household name for Italian food. Their excellent service and welcoming atmosphere paid off when they were voted Most Popular Retail business in the 2006 Lewisham Business Awards.

And his reputation is growing: in June 2008 Time Out named Gennaro’s as one of London’s Top Twenty Italian food shops, describing Antonio as “charmingly helpful” and describing his Italian own-brand olive oil as “a must-buy”.  Antonio’s philosophy is that shopping should be a social experience, even perhaps have a touch of magic.


+44 20 8852 1370