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Fortified Wine

Fortified wine is a type of wine that has had a distilled spirit, such as brandy, added to it. This process increases the alcohol content of the wine, usually to between 16 and 22 percent, which is much higher than regular table wines, which usually range between 12 and 14 percent. Fortified wines have been around for centuries and have long been a favorite of winemakers and wine drinkers alike.

Fortified wines are made in a variety of styles, from dry to sweet. The most common types of fortified wines are port, sherry, and Madeira. Port is a full-bodied, sweet red wine that is usually enjoyed after dinner. Sherry is produced in a dry or sweet style and is an excellent accompaniment to Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. Madeira is a sweet, fortified wine that has a unique nutty flavor and is often used to make cocktails.

Fortified wines can be served as an aperitif or digestif, or even enjoyed on its own. They are also often used in cooking to add flavor to recipes. The high alcohol content of fortified wines helps to preserve the wine, allowing it to last longer than regular table wines.

For those looking to try something unique, fortified wines are a great option. While they may be a bit difficult to find in some places, they can be a great addition to any wine collection. Whether you're looking for an aperitif, digestif, or something to pair with dinner, fortified wines are an excellent choice.

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